About Us

It is our desire to bring to every woman the message of how God sees her for her heart so that she can experience knowing Him in a real way. When a woman is in touch with her heart, she is able to become the woman God made her to be and experience the life she was made for—–her real life.

This is the life God intended for every woman, and yet where can she find it in the midst of all of the demands on her, the voices of so many and their expectations, and the sheer pace of life? It can be confusing and even frustrating to become that woman who is fully alive and who experiences the real life that God offers.  All too often, this leads to becoming disconnected  from her heart and God, eventually losing heart altogether.

We understand that dilemma and that is why we have created the Encounter as a time and a place where you can pull away, let down, and give attention to that most important thing about you—–your heart.