"I feel so much lighter and I now feel free to be the woman God created me to be."

Stories from the Encounter

When you read these stories you will understand why we are so committed to being involved in this work. When God has met you in a real way you love to see it happen for others too.

• I honestly feel like a new person, woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. This Encounter has taught me how to hear from God and see Him everyday in my life. I have discovered that I am important, worthy, and loved. I have been living under a cloud that I just assumed was life. Now I know it does not have to be this way anymore.

• I feel so much lighter and I now feel free to be the woman God created me to be. I have loved having so much time to just listen to God. I feel beautiful again! I was also very touched by the authenticity of the women here—the leaders, speakers, and my small group members. I feel ready to take on life—to live it abundantly!

• This Encounter has completely changed my life and perspective on life. I feel again! I feel joy and it is amazing to me because I haven’t felt in so long! I needed this and God brought me here for a reason!  I’ll be back!

• I was skeptical at the beginning that this retreat would have a significant effect on me. My heart is the most closed of anyone I know. With tears in my eyes now, I can say that this experience has brought me so much faith in God’s love for me. It’s been so long since I have believed. I’ve grown cold in feeling lost. Wondering where God was… I found Him here. This retreat awakened belief in the promise of my true home. Many, many thanks.

• I have experienced more freedom in these few days than I have in my entire Christian life! I am so excited about finally walking with Christ with trust and reckless abandonment!

• Oh my! I knew a little about what to expect but I totally didn’t expect how God’s presence would be here. He was ready to grab me and hold me and teach me. I have reconnected with the zeal that I once had as a teenager. What happened to all those years? I can’t wait to daily re-connect with my heart and God’s heart.

• I came in with a cloud over my life. Every day was drudgery and I did not want to go on with it. I wanted joy again. Now, I feel a release, and know that what I believed about myself isn’t true. I feel empowered.

• This weekend has opened my heart up more than I thought it could or would. I almost feel more alive than I have since I was a little girl. I owned the false beliefs I have believed about myself and the fears, and received the truth from my father, God. I feel encouraged to continue on this journey with my father and chase after it even more.

• This Encounter was so freeing. I am beautiful for my real self, not for who others want me to be, and not for who I have grown up believing myself to be. I am beautiful for exactly who God designed me to be.  I am His beloved daughter.

• I am amazed at the power that I feel that God is here and has made me new. This retreat and the whole message was a confirmation of his Love for me. It has also broken me out of my shell of feeling so alone. I have never felt this comfortable or safe around so many strangers. To be able to feel this way and let all of my guard down is a great and very well needed relief. Thank you!